"Engineering is my

passion, my life."

Ing. Jan Plomer, Ph.D.

Our Story


"I´ve been involved in many research and development projects of leading European corporations in automotive and railway industry since 2003."

"After more than 13 years by MERCEDES-BENZ, ZF, STADLER RAIL or SIEMENS, I decided in October 2016 to establish own engineering company, in order to enable efficient development of innovative and meaningful products."


We are innovative, experienced, goal-oriented and fast, without unnecessary administrative workload and many coordination meetings as it is common by corporate companies. It enables us to evaluate the ideas quickly and bring them into the prototype and serial product in the shortest time.

Prior to the eventual detailed design and production, we use sophisticated methods like Osborn's Checklist etc., for the analysis of inventive ideas and their evaluation. It helps us to evaluate our ideas in early stage by the brainstorming and to concentrate on the ideas with real potential for the future.

We have a network of partners, enabling us to involve experts into our projects, not only in R&D, but also in consequent productions.

The company PLOMER Engineering s.r.o. was founded in January 2017 in Prague, the Czech republic. 

Registration: https://or.justice.cz/ias/ui/rejstrik-firma.vysledky?subjektId=950583&typ=UPLNY

Business premises: Bohdana Tybla 188, 341 92 Kasperske Hory, the Czech republic