British Classic Car Investment

Investment Consulting Services, Support with purchasing, Restoring & Selling

... from hobby to business ...

ENGINEERING - it is not only about the most advanced available technology, innovative materials or currently popular e-mobility. It is also about the history - many engineers have achieved groundbreaking things in a stride to further knowledge. It is amazing, how much we can learn from the engineering's history and find an inspiration for our current development in 21th Century - not only in automotive industry, by many oldtimers and youngtimers. 

I have been interested in cars since childhood, not only in modern cars, but also in youngtimers and oldtimers, especially in british classic cars. After purchasing a 1st classic and affordable Triumph Spitfire from 1975 and a small restoration, the interest had been changed to real passion and oldtimers have become part and parcel of my life.

Nowadays it is the right time for an investment into a classic car. May be you also want a British Classic Car and we could help you with your choice! We are focused mainly on Triumph Spitfire, MGB and Jaguar XJ-S, which are still quite affordable and very suitable for an investment & driving fun. 

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